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06.12.14 11

Okay guys.

mightymikemcgee suggested I make an account on bandcamp and sell my music for cheap. That would make my life a lot easier, because it’s a huge hassle to have people mail me $5 and then go out and buy blank CD’s and padded envelopes and then go to the post office to mail them out.

I did that for years, and I hated it. I liked how personal it was, and a lot of you got a lot of weird art on your envelopes and weird random goodies. But I don’t want to do that anymore.

I would *like* to re record all of my music, but I don’t have the ability to do that because I have a shitty laptop and no equipment. But I DO have a lot of notthebestquality recordings. 

As far as looking for artists go, I really want to have like an album cover, or at least something to represent me as an artist. Something dark (duh), fairy tale-ish, maybe even Victorian-esque. There are SO many of you who are insanely talented. I would GREATLY appreciate it if one of you could help me out ( ryan-wheaton, you would be ideal! ).

If one of you can help me, I will totally reimburse in music or something random and weird.

I’m shit at art.

06.04.14 10

Showing my old songs some love. Everyone tells me this song creeps them the fuck out. I never really play this one anymore.

09.27.11 14